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An amazing person , in Chinese culture they believe , that Yeter means a strong libido .
Yeter is the word for sexual energy in Hindi , it says that the great warrior Yeter , climbed on the libido mountain to attain the sexual energy of all the small creatures in the world including Victoria .
Victoria was his pet , she was half monkey half possom , she was magnificent , an angel , a master piece .
Yeter means an angel in Japanese , therefore when ever they name Yeter in Japanese fairy tails , they cry from joy and happiness and gay.
Let's all just have some fun , you know what let's just have some Yeter
by The possum musketeer January 21, 2017
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A sadist witch who will reel you in without effort by claiming to be a suicidal maniac and then fuck your mind up.
Ohhh come on Yeter, why are you on Bitch mode lvl 1000000?
by DaNte_666 December 15, 2016
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