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When a man has sex with an Asian girl for the first time he is said to have received his yellow belt.
Jon got crazy with an Asian broad last night, and received his yellow belt for his efforts.
by The Dogga April 25, 2009
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When a person urinates upon any part of their sexual partner(s) body, for the first time. Once urination is conducted the person will have his/her yellow belt. A yellow belt may be given by a panel of peers to those who piss on their partner who has no knowledge the act is actually taking place; proof must be provided from the partner, who is being pissed on, typically stemming from when they realize what is actually happening, and then they can confirm the occurrence to the panel of peers.
Mark now has his yellow belt because he pissed on Tabatha for the first time.
by Boxhead October 08, 2004
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when a man unbuckles their belt to urinate at a urinal, the belt accidentally gets in the way, and you get piss on it.
Guy: I have a yellow belt.
Girl: Oh you take karate?
Guy: No. I pissed on my belt.
Girl: Eww. Why did you tell me that?
by lionheart666 March 08, 2009
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