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-Yes + Negative = Yegative.
-The opposite of negative.
Jim : Bro, that bitch has a fine ass.
Todd : Yegative
by Jay-Doubleyou March 02, 2009
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the true opposite of (n)egative. it means "good".

the opposite of (n)egative is commonly believed to be (a)ffirmative or (p)ositive. however if you believe this you are a dumbass because that would be a picture of an angel or some random miscellaneous camera-type object, not a thumbs-up. YOU ARE WRONG. (y)egative is the true solution.

it looks like a thumbs up with "egative" on the end..
"wtfbbq" "(y)egative" "examples must have at least 20 letters and 3 words" "damn that sucks"
by splintax February 19, 2005
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