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Someone whom'st expresses thy innermost feeling through the verbal cue known'st as yeeting
Person 1: "How art thou today?"
Transcended Person 2: "Yeet art thou today"
Person 2: "I shalt bow down to thy transcendence as thoust is a yeetaphile"
by Transcended Yeetaphile February 15, 2018
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A person who is in love with the yeet
"And if you look to your left, you'll see the yeetaphile in his natural habitat."
Yeetaphile: *throws an empty coke can across the hallway* YEET
by gravocado May 23, 2018
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(n)the type of despicable human who walks up to five year-old and screams YEET!
by THATBOYJOHNNY February 19, 2019
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a yeetaphile is someone who overuses or misuses the holy word yeet. it's like someone who blasphemies often, but is instead overusing yeet.

it can also be used to describe someone who solely finds yeet users attractive, or never uses any other words than yeet.
tifanny: hey girl wassup?
melissa: not much, you good?
tifanny: yeet
laurel: damn bro, she a yeeter
tifanny: yeet
noodles: daaamn, you're both yeetaphiles!
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by yeetnoods June 10, 2018
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