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A slang word used to describe butt cheeks, booty, bum etc....
Awwww man that girl has some nice yeeks

Hey man did you see LaFawnda today? Her yeeks are busting outta those jeans

I really need to squat more, my yeeks are looking flat

Danggggg she really knows how to shake her yeeks for a real G

Boy oh boy do I love them yeeks


You know the yeeks?
by Eltorofuerte81 May 20, 2016
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(v.) To "yeek" means for one to either hack or be hacked on an online account (e.g: Facebook, WoW, Paypal) via phishing or keylogger.
Hacker: "lmao dud e i made this keylogger called 'Mayday's CS:S Hack VIP leak' and ive yeeked like fifty fucking accounts lol"

Guy: "I was downloaded a CS:S hack and my Paypal got fucking yeek'd!"
by tomFLA December 28, 2009
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A combination of yikes and eek. Yeeks is also usable.
"Yeek(s), you scared me!"
by jabberwock November 14, 2004
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A fusion of the slang terms “yeet” and “eek” used as a response to an action you or someone is going to take that may have negative repercussions, but are going to do anyway.
Person 1: Just found out I need to get an 87 on my final to pass the class, but I’m just gonna go clubbing the night before.

Person 2: Yeek!

Person 1: yo dude look at this expired yogurt i found in my locker!
Person 2: please don’t eat that.
Person 1: YeEk! *eats it*

Person 1: so I wanna break up with my girlfriend but still be friends with benefits. Should I just text her?
Person 2: that seems like a very risky and bad idea.
Person 3: do it man! YEEK!
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by Yeek_bih69 December 12, 2018
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A combination between Year and Week
JR: I thought I was getting off early Junior Year
Me: I don’t start until next year **WEEK
JR: Year???
Me: be lucky I didn’t say next yeek
by Hannah_of_kaye August 28, 2019
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A word used describe anything where one or something is getting Yeeked.
Tonny got his ass whooped by his mother. He got Yeeked.
by Reachthelimit November 21, 2016
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