- A saying used to identify that in the most creepy way the women you are looking at is smoking hot, and you would definetly jump all over that.

-used to make eye contact, or once eye contact is made used to let her know just what you are thinking.

-also if one says yeah girl to a woman and she responds with yeah girl herself, you must follow up with the words " i love you".
Yo steve,rooftop, kenn check that out...
(hot girl crossing the streetin short shorts while jogging)
..yeah girl....yeah
by rooftop4life November 17, 2007
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An exclaimation said after someone says something agreeable or does something crazy/awesome/amazing. It also means that things are all good, or going well. This is the feminine form of 'Yeah Boy' or 'Yeah Boi.'
When the phrase is said, the 'yeah' is usually dragged out, while the girl is short, like this:
yeeeeeeaaaaaahhh girl!
"Dude, that was awesome!"
"Yeah girl!"

"Lady Gaga has no talent whatsoever."
"Yeah girl!"

"Yeah girl, I am so stoked for this weekend!"
by Yeah Buddy, Big Deal! January 24, 2010
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The type of Girls that when someone points her out your first thought is "Fuck Yeah". Tumblr girls showing self pics in the mirror.
She could be in Fuck Yeah Girls girl of the week.
by I am Fuck Yeah Girls December 24, 2010
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When a squad of girls is taking the piss out of the phrase "yeah the boys"
"omg the boys just uploaded a photo on instagram hashtagged #yeahtheboys"
"we should take a snap selfie and hashtag yeah the girls"
by slaaaayyyyy May 19, 2017
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It’s when a person can not stop singing “Yeah girl I know what you said bout’ me, but I still i’ve you girl.” and it really messes with someone’s at the point where the own mind speaks by itself and embarrassing the person while saying it. It’s sad really.
Yeah girl syndrome is taking over me!
by Yeah Girl Syndrome June 24, 2021
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