The worst way to win an arguement, used when one has been proven wrong but somehow is able to reject all arguements and win.
1: Women should be allowed to go topless, men are permitted and it is a double standard.
2: But women have boobs though
1: But I've seen many moobs in my day
2: Yeah, but still
by angryasshole October 28, 2017
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Last words in an argument that serve as the intelligent man's coup de grace when confronted with an idiot's cop-out; The only known comeback to "I'm Just Sayin'."
Idiot: "I've always wanted to go to Milan, but I can't stand the French."
Intelligent Man: "...Milan is in Italy."
Idiot: "I'm just sayin'"
Intelligent Man: "Yeah, but still."
by Mr. Liam September 25, 2005
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The best argument ever in any given situation.
Girlfriend: "What is this shit I hear about with you and Sarah last night? I heard you fucked her!"
You: "Yea, but still."
by Joe W. September 14, 2004
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