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Although she’s a big bitch, she has a huge heart. She often puts people before herself and sometimes she forgets she has to take care of herself too. Shes very sensitive it’s not even funny but she has a terrible attitude but who cares Bc fuck it you know
Lucifer: who’s that bitch over there thinking she cute n shit??

God: that is Yazmina she’s a good person sometimes so treat her Ight when she gets there

Lucifer: eh I’ll think about it
by Yaas.Baby July 18, 2018
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she likes sucking dick and she also likes sucking toes with uniqe and when she does she somhow gets a mone in it with a mouth full of toes some are very herry like mr cejas
dominic- did you see yazmina last nightr

tayo- yah she was in cejas's class sucking toes with uniqe
dominic- damn she is a fucking creep
by dinomontilom May 17, 2018
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