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The enchanted land of talking creatures, magic, adventure, double entendres, and metrosexual ambiguityland in the book "The Lying Bitch & Her Wardrobe". A politically incorrect version of Narnia with creatures like Mr. Numbnuts the Faun, Skeppy the Bosche Kangaroo and the Scouse Beaver, And of course, the bootylicious White Bitch. Haslet the Smoked Pork Lion is all that stands between the Bitch and Yawnia.
' will meet a scent-whore who will guide you.’
Lacy clapped her hands in delight.
‘You mean a creature that is half man half horse?’ she asked excitedly, as this was her first trip to Yawnia.
by Pedrosa von Beagle November 16, 2006
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