A young male that cares a lot for his hair and is often good at sports and can be very good with certain types of birds
omg that guy is such a yatin
by luckybastard44 September 09, 2013
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According to hindu puran. Translates to king of gods.
by Rock8 November 23, 2016
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Another form of yeetin, but it's indian. Typically described a person of dominance but also someone who is the absolute sweetest person you have ever met. He may or may not have hair that feels absolutely like a dog and just overall cuddly.
OMG!! Did you feel his hair?! He's such a yatin!

I was Yatin your mom last night. (instead of yeeting)
by kfcsexslave42069 January 28, 2021
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Yatin is a smart and intelligent boy. He is often good at sports and Very Handsome. He gets all the girls and people envy him. He can be short tempered but he is sweet. He is also a really great musician no matter what he plays. He protects his beloved to death. He is sarcastic and hilarious. He has many friends as well. HE is complex and it takes a lot for him to love someone that is not his relatives. He cares about his hair and looks a lot. He is kind and caring. He is sometimes shy and timid. He is daring and brave and courageous.
Bob: Wow! Look at him play cricket
Girl: he's so cute, and handsome!! I love him! He's such a Yatin!
by FaZe_AwesomeXYKXAwesome June 15, 2021
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the warrier
the "yatin" of basra
by yatin November 28, 2003
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a wannabe swimmer with dark hair and eyes and nose plugs
yatty the batty with his hatty
by laura November 15, 2004
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Is a slang term from the streets of Mumbai that originates from the era of the British colonization of India. It's a dish of ice cream, either chocolate or vanilla, that is served with chili powder sprinkled on top.

The Yatin Mondkar is named after a cricket player from the Xavier College cricket team, in Mumbai, who ate copious amounts of the dish before, during, and after games.

Considered a regional and local dish of Mumbai, India. Popular with slum communities and low-income households, although many wealthy residents have embraced it.
Roger, could you make me a yatin mondkar, the chili powder is in the spice cabinet, near the cinnamon.
by AbuNasaheemapedalan June 28, 2009
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