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They are the kind of people you would love to meet. They are bold , brave, strong and very caring too. They always think good of people and take care of them. They are very good at sports and at maintaining friends. They are also mature , hot and handsome . Girls fall for them easily. They are good at making friends and mingle with them easily. People enjoy their company a lot and love their humor. They are very committed to their love life and try their at most best to keep it stable. People are usually jealous of them cause they can manage a lot of things together.Their names are very rare and rich. God stopped making more Yatharths as the limited editions are already ruling the world
Girl 1: Where is Yatharth?
Girl 2: He must be with the love of his life...damn I am so jealous of her... How could she get such an amazing person
Girl 1: That's true!
by Yeezy350 May 23, 2019
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A person who is kiddish on one side and serious and gloomy on the other side.
That man is a Yatharth, he is a weirdo
by JingleCrash January 09, 2018
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