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A socially active kid who always tries to make the best out of every minute of his life. But he fails at it. :)
"Dang...You see that Yasaswi?"

"I wish Yasaswi would shut up"

"Yasaswi's sunglasses break easily"
by Jim Nye the Science Guy November 03, 2011
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Sagacious and spongy, Yasaswi is there whenever you need him. He has an aura of mystery and intrigue, but never lets that get in the way of a water balloon fight. He'll always give you a hand (literally) when you're feeling glum, and knows how to make smoking a wholesome activity. Never insult a Yasaswi, because they hold grudges known to last up to six months. However, when pleased, they will always stick up for and encourage you. If you're lucky enough to happen upon this kingly presence, you can expect a sharp wit, faithful companionship, and dead children. Lots of dead children.
Yasaswi is the best
Damn, I'm lucky to have a friend like Yasaswi
by Anotherentry June 13, 2018
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