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A person who dare not enter Boston without a flak jacket and a gun.
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
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The only people in the world who will brag about events that happened 20+ years before they were born.
Yankee Fan: Who cares that we can't win even with all these huge free agent signings, 26 rings man! WOOHOO! Talk to me when you've won 20 more rings!! YEAH!!

Any other fan: Yeah... you must have been going crazy during those title runs in the 40s man...
by ThunderstruckX44 July 15, 2006
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any female who knows less about baseball than a donkey
Man: How many outs are there in an inning?
Female: Four.
Man: How many strikes to an out?
Female: Seven.
Man: How many innings in a game?
Female: Five.
Man: Team?
Female: I'm a YANKEE FAN!!
by MetFan85 October 20, 2005
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Typically found still living in his mom's home in Jersey even at middle age, an utterly unaccomplished individual that derives his self-worth exclusively from sports teams in the New York/New Jersey area, and in particular the achievements of the New York Yankee baseball team.

See also: loser, wanker, gobshite
The yankee fan was seized with the panic of self-loathing when the Red Sox won the World Series as he realized that the Yankees had not won it all in many years.
by desmond November 23, 2004
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Definition; Yankee fan: A person grown in the bustling city of New York and was taught the ways of the yankees. These views of course are completely wrong and should in fact, be banned from the united states as it has been proven that being a yankees fan can lead to the following; Death, serious dissapointment, chronic seizures and nosebleeds, (due to the fact if you punch them they are to weak to cope with the fact someone DOESN'T like them) and paralysis.
Yankee fan
by I-peed-on-yankee-stadium April 16, 2010
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The true yankees fans who realize people who take the time out of their life to rip the Yankees on are conceding the fact they are so bitterly jealous of our winning ways :)

By ripping on the Yankees on, you are proving that us Yankees fans win, again, and again, and again...(should I go on 24 more times?)
Hey Jeff, did you realize everyone hates us because the Yankees are better than every other team in sports?

Yeah, this dumbass with the definition below me doesn't know how to come to reality he will never beat us yankeefans in anything
by LETSGOYANKEES!!! September 21, 2010
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