Yang xiao long is a character from the show RWBY,which she is the Y in.She is a one armed badass who will beat your ass if you mess with her or her friends.She is know for her awesomeness,puns and more.

Yang also has some of the best songs !
Yang is also pretty gay for Blake
Me:I want Yang xiao long to punch me and I would thank her
by Skl8888 September 05, 2020
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The character that keeps playing "I Burn" whenever she is losing in BBTAG. If you want big tits, heavy punches, and a tomboy then go play Makoto, not Yang.
Just a normal player- "I love when hyde's theme plays in battle!"
Yang Xiao Long Players at 30% health- "I BUUUUURN! CANT HOOOOOLD MEEEE DOOOOWN"
by Yuuki Terumi December 02, 2020
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