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1. A word you shout out randomly when someone says "yall".
2. Making money from being a redneck.
3. A word you shout out before hitting an elbow drop in a Rasslin' match. This is also known as the "Yallin' Elbow Drop" or "Yawlin' Elbow Drop".
4. Living the redneck lifestyle.
"lol he said yall! Yallin'!!!"
by Jewigs February 18, 2010
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contraction: "you all yins"

a phrase used to rouse the attention of a group of people from booth Pennsylvania and elsewhere
What are y'allins up to tonight?

exceedingly redundant explitive:
Fuck all y'allins!
by Matauesz Kolenda November 02, 2005
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1. That dank ass high you get from drinking lenninade
2. rawdogging it
3. The gucciest town this side of the yellow river
4. Tomething the cool kids shout randomly
Yaaaa braaa, ya was yallin' so hard last night!
Bro I was Yallin' Jessica so hard in the back last night
by NewLayerofTruth April 17, 2017
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