What Sweeney Todd shaves if you don't have a beard.
Customer: "Eh! - What're you doin'? What do you expect to shave down there?"

Sweeny: "YOUR PUBES"
by Oscar The Old Guy April 16, 2008
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An expression made when you want to say "I'm just yanking your chain" but you have poo social skills so instead you say "I'm just flossing your pubes". When you're too much of a baller-ass vagojo slayer to just say some simple shit like "I'm just busting your chops" so you say "I'm just flossing your pubes" cause you fuck bitches til they die.

When someone uses dental floss to clean the fur of their nether region.
Example: I told my friend I was just flossing his pubes, after pulling a prank on him after I Alaskan Piplined his hot wife.
Example #2: After flossing your pubes I recycled the floss for self-dental purposes.
by sloppyjoesonthesehoes February 21, 2017
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When the female (hopefully it's a female) deep throats a guy, making her nose touch the guy's pubes.
OH SHIT NUGGAH!!!11 Did that hoe really nose your pubes and gag?
by LMAONADEZ July 17, 2008
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making your hair curly and bushy
i couldnt sleep, guess i be late to my hair pube-ing.
that sucks. ive always wanted my hair pubed
getting your hair pubed
by the guy banging ur mom March 2, 2022
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To tell another person to be quite in the harshest of ways.
Must be said with a thick Belfast accent, and preferably through the side of ones mouth.
Mike: I think we should watch the Iron Giant tonight.
Alex: No, that's a sad film.
Mike: You never want to watch sad films even it they're really good.
Alex: Shut your pubes
by Maman René July 6, 2011
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