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You Only Get Married Once - a phrase used to justify indulgent purchases during a period of marriage engagement. But often cheekily overly used in circumstances which are actually unrelated to the wedding or wedding planning.
Shall we go by taxi for dinner at a Michelin star restaurant tonight, darling? ....yeah why not...YOGMO!
by YOGMO July 28, 2018
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Acronym for You Only Get Murdered Once.

Pronounciation: |jəɡmoʊ|
1) It is a proper counter-response to those who scream YOLO at very inconvenient and often inappropriate times.

2)exclamation describing negative and often hateful emotions to person who the speaker believes deserves neither happiness nor life.
Man 1: "Look at that bitch. I'm gonna go talk to her! YOLO."
Man 2: Did you really just say YOLO in real life!? Ugh. Y.O.G.M.O
by Kvaromind June 27, 2012
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