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Young Leith Team - A gang based solely in the Leith area of Edinburgh.

*Over recent years the "T" has been dropped when gang members reference themselves.

The gang use graffiti to mark territory and use hand signs to represent to each other.

They have local rivalries all over Edinburgh including YNT (Young Niddrie Team), YCJ (Young Clery Jungle), YCT (Young Craigy Toonland).
"We are the mental YLT"

by smoked2death May 07, 2013
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abbv for "YOU LIKE THAT" ususally used mostly on coorespondance

this can be a positive or negative pharase.

John: "hey sam i just won the lottery"

Sam: "ylt!"

here is a negative YLT

John: " I was riding my bike into work today, i checked this hot girl out and wiped out!!"

Sam : " haha! YLT!!!!!!!"
by zubey91 April 08, 2011
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the YLT is a gang in edinburgh scotland there tag looks something like this


it stands for young leith terrorists
" if you are beeing challanged"

" mon then i will kick your ass!"
" ill get the ylt on you !!!"
"ohh shit!!!" ( runs away )
by Ross Armstrong September 10, 2007
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a group of young boys that go to Leith academy and smoke weed and think they're hard.
They pop ylt's in every picture so people know who they are
oh he's hard he's part of the ylt,dont mess

I am yl its better than shamrock and ynt

fuck the piggy bastards we are the ylt and no one can stop us
by tramppppp May 20, 2018
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