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In the world of internet chatting and text messaging, there is the innate necessity for acronyms that encompass entire thoughts and phrases. For Example, LOL is short for Laugh Out Loud
and BRB stands for Be Right Back. But what of the more obsure phrases? Are we just going to let them fade into oblivion without a proper chat acronym? This will be the first in a long and prosperous dynasty of obsure internet chat acronyms.

YITAS stands for Yesterday, I Took A Shit. It is used widely in Southern Connecticut and the Northern Provinces of Iceland and Cracktonia.
SWeeTThAng1986: Man,you really like Tide
Hellhound2000: omg, YITAS
SWeeTThAng1986: Werd
Hellhound2000: and my rents caught me
SWeeTThAng1986: oh Snap...
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