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abbreviation for " young boss nigga"

"Then the company tried to force me to do a deal w them claiming they own my song. It’s fucked up bc this is my big shot and they tryna finesse me out my shit like I’m stupid or some shit. Nah bruh, YBN =Young Boss Nigga! " - YBN Nahmir in an interview with Genius.
You really gonna let them finesse you? Fuck no I'm a YBN
by littlechree November 17, 2017
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It's like young Rich Nigga but you broke so you a young broke Nigga
YRN : A yo nigga you trying to hit the club and by bottle
Broke nigga: you know good as hell I'm YBN
by the every day black guy May 01, 2017
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Is the abreviation for; Young British Naturists.

A youth sub group of the Naturist organisation British Naturism (BN), that facilitates social nakedity for young persons in and around the UK.

A group of young people, that meet up all through-out the year, at all sorts of fun places, to actively enjoy being socially nude together, and practicing Naturism.
Welcome to anyone worldwide with-in the age range set by the parent organisation BN. 

Most countries in Europe, and alot in the World have Naturist groups/organisations.  General youth Naturism is advised and guideled by the ENY (European Naturist Youth) organisation, under the supervision of the INF (International Naturist Federation).
I want to enjoy social nakedity and join YBN.

I want to be a naturist like a YBN'er.

Look at those YBN'ers doing everything naked.
by Daryl YBN December 17, 2011
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An abbreviation for; You Big Nut.

Noun, Slang.

1. A term used to describe someone who is clumsy, off-kilter, or somewhat foolish.
On their way to lunch...

Mr. Valentine: Mr. Malchow, I think I forgot my wallet at the office.

Mr. Malchow: Well, why'd you do that YBN?

Mr. Valentine: Because I'm a big nut.
by Putzmeister May 12, 2016
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YBN stands for Young Business Network. Commonly used by chads and neighbors attending a prestigious boarding school.
"Wow, Raja is such a YBN, his startup just got funded by Jacob Plummer!"
by urmotherbad October 15, 2018
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