A {solopreneur} who loves breaking the rules and steps out from the traditional 9 to 5 workplace to run their business from home – or anywhere there’s an internet connection, coffee, booze, and/or a really good happy hour! #BallersOnaBudgetAlways

Somebody who knows a 9-5 job isn't fulfilling, wants something more, is afraid of risk but is still willing to take the next step to see what happens. We are the entrepreneurs who view the world differently and say, “Why not try it and see what happens?”

We work long days, way longer than a traditional 9 to 5 job, and wear way more hats than any one person should. We often have conversations with ourselves, questioning whether or not we really are crazy like everyone around us suspects since we don’t have a traditional “full-time” job?

At the end of the day though we realize that we love the freedom running our own business brings us – No bosses. We set our own schedules. We do what we want...or what is needed in order to pay the bills at least pay the minimum payment.

We have done something that most will never do and for that we get a cookie – or how about a whole box of cookies and a bottle of wine!
I am a Y-Notter.
by BizTechologist 101 September 14, 2019
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A term referring to solopreneurs who take chances in business as part of the Yes to Entrepreneurship movement.
Ed breaks all the rules of business, he is such a Y-Notter.
by bizchick September 14, 2019
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