An entrepreneur who works alone, "solo," running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business.
The typical solopreneur is easily tempted to become a work-a-holic, not feeling their work is ever done! They do the administrative tasks, marketing, customer service and service delivery typically by themselves.
by Gail Sussman Miller September 25, 2005
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A telecommuting professional who works alone from a home office with unlimited access to online porn, but who lacks the ability to control the urges of mastubatory premature ejaculation - especially whilst interacting remotely with colleagues or clients.

Derived from:

Solo,(Latin) to be alone
Pre,(Greek) to occur early
Neur,(Latin) coming from one's nervous system
I knew this solopreneur that would beat the meat while on conference calls. One time he forgot to mute the phone and we kept hearing a weird squishing noise in the background.
by joepa007 December 8, 2013
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an entrepreneur who works alone, a company of one, a solo entrepreneur
Solopreneurs are increasingly becoming the go to people for companies interested in project-based execution
by Sufisant February 10, 2011
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