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anagram for Young and Hot; women under the age of 30 who are hot, love to party, and have not become all worn out and bitter from the world and past relationships. These women understand what they bring to the table and generally have way less baggage than their elder counterparts.

Y&H typically have better skin, tighter bodies, and are generally more attractive than those not Y&H.
My ex girlfriend was in such a rush to get married and have kids after she turned 30 it was bumming me out. I broke up with her and found some nice Y&H to hang out with. I've been much happier since.

Planning a big weekend in Vegas with all of the Y&H at the pool and clubs.

I'm tired of crows feet and saggy breasts. I need to trade up to a Y&H.
by Captain Quint March 03, 2010
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