A site overrun by morons who caused the rules to become strict as hell. People who don't read them always complain when they're caught breaking them (See: Butch Kid) Staff is constantly on alert for such idiots.

Did I mention the site's overrun by morons?
0mG L3iK i wAs BaNn3d F0r n0 r3aS0n
by Yusuke February 24, 2005
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A piece of shit gaming website run by some asshole named MykeXero. The Card of the Day section has not been updated in over 7 months. You can be banned from their forums for up to 3 months for no reason(Happened to me twice), if you post a user-submitted article, it will most likely be taken down and a XC staff will pass it off as their own idea. This forum is known for having insane rules, such as any post under 2 paragraphs is spam(Never enforced, but if you don't post a card deck in the EXACT right format, your post will be moderated), but somehow all the assholes that reply to every post with "lol kthx i agree" get by the spam rule. ANY forum is better.
"whoa gj myke that rolz lol bye k ltr"
-Average XC Forum Post.
by Butch Kid January 15, 2005
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