Orgin: Internet
Meaning: Innovative ideas that have yet to be discovered; All knowing of what is yet to be discovered
We're currently looking for a xeo or someone who has xeo like potential -

Xeo is also a common name/username because of the absract meaning, and improper usage.
by Paul Zimmerman August 4, 2004
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Xeo is a person who can take a joke.

There always fun to be around and will never disappoint you. They have hazel eyes, dirty blonde/brown hair. They love there friends more then anything.

There most likely going to love spicy foods.
Person1: hey remember xeo
Person2: oh the funny one?
Person1: yes they're so funny
by EmoXeo14 March 13, 2022
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Xeo is a Name which emphasis on the X Factor. any name starting with Xeo Presents it in a stylish way. Its just a Noun. Its how you use it. The Xeo is Spoken as "Z-e-o"
There is A Company Xeosoft Tech.
by Ashu Gupta February 24, 2008
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The most uber person on the Vault Morningthaw Messageboards. Yep, that's about all :D
by Xeo July 14, 2003
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A vietnamese dish... a crepe sort of thing or a very thin and crunchy omelet looking thing offered at vietnamese restaurants
Hey let's go eat Viet

ill have a banh xeo
by The True Asian October 24, 2016
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