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The name given to Xbox 360 by people who fall in one of the following catagories:
1) They are cranky because their favorite company doesn't release their next-gen console for another year or more.
2) They have never seen a trailer for ANY Xbox 360 game.
3) They were stupidly and completely faked out by the entirely prerendered trailer for the PS3 game Killzone 2.
4) Lack the brainpower to count to 360.
Xbox 1.5, hee hee, I'm so bad. <I wish I could count past 7> :(
by Will Colton September 13, 2005
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Also known as Xbox 360, this Xbox has wireless controllers and slightly upgraded visuals, and looks like a tampon.
Microsoft didn't really add anything new in the Xbox360 that can enhance gameplay. They just upgraded their graphics (slightly) and added wireless controllers (stolen from nintendo).
by KaizerOumft May 22, 2005
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A console manufactured by Microsoft in order to be sold as a "Next generation Xbox" and squeeze their few faithful client's pockets for a scam, because it doesn't include next-generation media like Blu-ray or HD-DVD, it's not enabled to be wirelessly connected (to the internet) right out of the box, it doesn't include a mandatory Hard Drive like the actual generation's, it doesn't support all three Hi-Definition modes (720p, 1080p, 1080i; just the first two) when it brags about Hi-Definition, it makes the smallest graphic's leap in console gaming history, it doesn't support it's predecessor's games natively (they are emulated, and not all of the games will be playable), it supports less controllers than the competition (only four), and it mostly includes sequels. All this when the competition includes what this silly object does not.

Also known as Xbox 360, an Xbox 360 1.5 (Or Xbox 1.5 1.5, whichever you choose to call it) is well under way too, because Microsoft has considered adding an almost next-generation (because its counterpart is in fact the next-generation for sporting higher capacity and more layer potential) disc, the soon to be obsolete HD-DVD player (but not for games, just for movies in an obsolete format by then), and maybe a TiVo two or three years after the Xbox 1.5 launch, alienating its earliest consumers while at the same time making it able to struggle with the competition, that will be already sporting these features and more the day it launches, or more accurately, two years before xbox 1.5 1.5 is launched.
I just bought my Xbox 1.5, and it quickly became obsolete.

The Xbox 1.5's successor will be called Xbox 1.5 1.5.

The Xbox 1.5 is the best console because I actually have to pay for a service that is free.

The Xbox 1.5 has the best sequels because it has the most.

Microsoft ripped me off with the Xbox 1.5.
by bootsdrazek September 13, 2005
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