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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
“That show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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A xbox one die hard fan who only cares for microsoft
Person 1: That guy is such an xboner
Person 2: Eww
via giphy
by lagit February 28, 2019
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A Crying little bitch on the inter webs, who has not the slightest clue on anything relevant to a given conversation. Also if given the opportunity to suck the dick of anyone who says the word Microsoft of Xbox they would fall to their knees with mouths wide open.
1. Hey you see that faggot sucking that dick over there ...he sure is an Xboner , aslo i think his dumb ass bought that terrible Xbone
by Real Talk True Story January 23, 2014
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many Playstation 4 fans use it to insult Xbox One users. the thought of 'boner' in the word Xboner stands for Xbox One fans getting an erection because of the console. please mind that that is not actually true. the word was being used in the Console Wars between the PS4 and the Xbox One (and the Wii U of course).
dude, all these Xboners keep commenting about why Xbox One is better than PS4, it looks like this console war is never over.
by Arteeeh September 15, 2014
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XBONER is a word commonly used by PC and PlayStation fans to make fun of the Xbox One.
Guy 1: Hey look there is the new Xbox One
Guy 1: I am going to buy it.
Guy 2: No you should get a PlayStation 4.
Guy 3: Don't get an XBONER or GayStation 4, get a PC to play games on.
Guy 2: You know he is gay, right?
Guy 3: Yeah he is gay, also you are gay for liking the GayStation 4
by MrDylanyay December 07, 2015
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