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A one of a kind girl, who has her own agenda. Often crazy, bossy, independent and the center of attention. Mostly found with blonde hair and blue eyes. People often give her everything she wants.
You'll never meet anyone like Xayla!
by her aunt July 14, 2011
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Xayla is a one of a kind girl. Xayla usually has brown or hazel eyes. Xayla is not easily influenced and she does not take anyone's mess. Usually xayla is short or medium and she is feisty.She is also very cute and unique. Xayla can also be a little freak if she wants.She also does not do cheating.Xayla is really fun to hang around because she is funny, smart, kind,and a dive. Xayla makes good grades and girls may envie her but she doesn't care because she's XAYLA
"wow who is that"Guy
"ugh"rolls eyes"that just xayla" girl

What she doesnt know is xayla kept her head high and kept on walking
other girl."damn, i wish i was as confident as xayla"
by xayla. March 10, 2017
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