a new threesome sex prank for M/W/M. Once the girl falls asleep, each guy ejaculates into an armpit. This will stick her arms to her body, leaving her to wake up with T-rex arms
Guy1: Yo, last was night was KILLAH dude!
Guy2: Hell yea...the x-rated rex we gave that chick was funny as shit
Guy1: shh shh...she's wakin up now
by McGrundles May 26, 2011
Just means cum, yo
- So how was your date last night?
-went great, she gave me that X-rated gravy
by Soldier of Eden February 28, 2018
while your lady is knocked up(concieved) you fuck her and the baby bounces around.
even though Maggie L. is prego, Warn made her womb an x-rated bouncy house.
by pablooooooooooo November 4, 2009
When a girl on Snapchat says "X for rate" it means you send them a snap and type "X" on it and they will rate you
Charlotte: X for rate

Tyler: X (with pictures of self)

Charlotte: 9 😉😉
by GingerAcrobat May 15, 2017
Hottest Rap group outta West Philly High
Impac, Knyghtmare, and D8E are in Rated X
by Pac Dollaz January 11, 2005
when your high off extasy they say your rated
damn i wen tto this party mad heads was rated tryna start fights
by SydneyCummings June 20, 2005
A child hood slang term used for the movies we were not allowed to watch as children....
hey mom what are you watching?
uh uhh ooohhh ahh ask your father aaaahhhggg gooood !!
what is it daddy whats all that noise???
nevermind sone its rated x period.
by skyjack_fixer@yahoo.com April 27, 2008