Hey Baya don’t talk to that sped ass hoe her pussy has Triple X Syndrome be warned
by DownSyndrome November 28, 2018
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X&Y Syndrome is a disturbing but temporary disease. X&Y Syndrome comes when a listener to an album dismisses the album for any reason, then re-listens to the album they dismissed, and loves it.
Matt: Yo, I'm not the biggest fan of X&Y by Coldplay, there's only a few good songs on it
Joe: Alright man

*Three Weeks Later*
Matt: Joe! I re-listened to X&Y and I love it! What was wrong with me when I dismissed it for the first time?
Joe: Damn dude, I don't know!
Matt: I'm gonna name this thing... X&Y Syndrome.
by BluRain 1101 April 7, 2021
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A mental affliction or disorder that is onset through the acute breakup of a relationship. The main symptom of this disorder is a loud verbal outburst of 2 to 3 expletives after mentioning or even thinking of the other person's name. The outburst can be unpredictable and sometimes accompanied by a physical tic: a jerking of the face and head. x-tourette can end as quickly as it begins. It is a puzzling and bizarre illness that requires massive amounts of alcohol or illegal drugs to suppress. Typically the disorder will begin again after the buzz wears off.
x-tourette's syndrome example:

Jennifer, fucking-bitch-whore, called last night to ask for her CD collection back. I told her that cock sucking slut to go fuck herself.

When I called George, little dick bustard, last night to get my CD’s back he cried and begged me to come back to him, mother fucking asshole.
by greenmeanies November 16, 2009
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Also known as Martin Bell Syndrome or FXS
A genetic disorder which makes the X chromosome enlarged therefore fragile. People with FXS are often autistic but not all of the people with fxs are autistic. Fragile X often causes intellectual disability. They have a distinct appearance These features include a long and narrow face , large ears, a prominent jaw and forehead, unusually flexible fingers, flat feet , and in males, enlarged testicles (macroorchidism) after puberty.
The odds of having fragile x syndrome is 1 in 7,000 in males and 1 in 11,000 in females
by Nammity March 3, 2022
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When someone dies and despite them being a deadbeat piece of shit you switch and act like they were a good person.
Person 1: Why the fuck is everyone acting like X was a good person?

Person 2: It’s called X Syndrome.
by slutdaddydaniel April 23, 2021
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Hey Baya that bitches pussy has triple x syndrome Ong I’m tired of theses hoes
by DownSyndrome November 29, 2018
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