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A school that at one time offered technical education in aviation maintenance, but since being aquired by Wyotech has see some major changes.

Facilities: Composed of two hangars filled with stuff that had potential to be useful, but due to lack of proper knowledge by the staff, and other poor descisions, is more like a junkyard. There is also a "building", that houses classrooms. This was adapted from a temporary structure that was used for construction offices. The roof typically leaks, and due to the buildings distance from the main administrative office, is known for its poor student conduct, vandilism, and general inappropriate behavior.

Student body: The classes are composed generally of people that have little to no idea what and airplane is. They generally are criminals on work release, or wannabe badasses. They use as much slang as possible in feeble attempts to sound cool. This overuse has caused many to ponder if a new language has been created. Most of their time is spent discussing females, which is ironic as many if not all have had any consentual contact with a human female. It has been hypothesized that the prison level male to female ratio actually causes otherwise straight student to begin openly expressing homosexual behavior. During the manditory daily attendance, many students can be found sleeping in cars, in the woods, in ditches, etc. Some may form groups and proceed into the local town. They are easily identified by the red shirts they are forced to wear as a torturous reminder to them of their misforture, and as a warning to other people in the real world that their lives could be far worse. Ocassionaly there are a few "normal" students that attend, these are the only ones that seem to resurface in society, but in general are usually so damaged that they are incapable of performing normal daily activites, in effect their lives are essentially over regardless of age, as there is no known cure for wyosyndrome. A few behavioral psychologists have suggested that immediate attendance of a real college after graduation may with time, reverse this syndrome.

Academic program: It is unclear if any actual learning takes place at the school. It is possible that due to its content and lack of any entrance requirement for teachers and students, that one may actually un-learn useful knowledge while enrolled. It is the only school that instructors frequently address the students using names not found acceptable in society. Since most of the students come from unfortunate backgrounds, this is found normal and acceptable. Instructors commonly go on rants, and use a mixture of foul and offencive slurs. Generally speaking, 0.01% of this dialogue, if used at any other school would make international news.

This school does offer student housing, but violence such as knife fights are quite common there. It is best avoided.

Overall it is a financal loss of almost $30,000, time lost of 15 months, and nothing is provided in return.
1. Why is that guy shaking?....he has wyosyndrome.
2.where did you go to school?
where is that?
3. how do you like Wyotech Boston ?
YO, WTF yo, this schools mad gay Yo!
by damaged4life February 07, 2008
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