"While You're Down There" is another way for telling someone to service you while he/she is on his/her knees
Hey! WYDT! Thanks
by amarula July 23, 2014
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WYDT also know as "Why You Do This?" This word can only be Used when..#1: Your Friend Destroys your House. #2: Someone Owns/Kills you Too many Times. #3: Someone Throws Away/Destroys your Desktop/Laptop. and....#4: Someone Tells you that your Stupid and you Have No Life/Or Someone Eggs Your House 453 Times. (Question #1 -Based on Real Life or a Video Game- Question #2 -Based on Video Games {Multiplayer}- Question #3 -Based on Real Life- and... Question #4 +Stupid, Have no Life+ Based on Real Life -Teasing- or Video Games -Trolling-/+Eggs outside Your House+ Based on Real Life.)
And...(I Think) That is Pretty much what WYDT/"Why You Do This?" means...
√---WYDT/"Why You Do This?" in a Sentence-- +DOWN BELOW THIS TEXT+---√
Dud3_56:Ahhh.....What a Lovely...LOVELY House I've Built! -Stumach Rumbles-
Dud3_56:o.o---My Tummy tum Tum is Hungry! I need to Kill a Cow or a Chicken! (if I can even find one...)
Dud3_56: -Gets Diamond Sword out of Secret Chest inside House- Time to-a Kill some-a Animals! -Walks away from home finding a Animal-.
(Server/Console):"TripleTigar" has Joined! ID: 4433798893.
TripleTigar: Hmmm....Ooooooh! A House..! -grabs diamond axe out of lucky save inventory- TIME TO DESTROY! (cuz I'm fucking bored. πŸ™)
TripleTigar:-Destroys house one-by-one.-
TripleTigar: Ahhh...Finished! Whomever built This House is gonna be Pissed off real bad! >=}
Dud3_56: -Returns back to home- Yay! I Finally Got s--O_O-ss--ss---M---m-m-m- MY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUSE!!!!!
TripleTigar: -Sees Dud3- Oh, Hey....I saw your House was destroyed...I thought I Could Check it out...
Dud3_56: IT W-W-WAS UUU TIGAR?????! >={
TripleTigar: Um.....No.....???
Dud3_56: -Gets out Diamond Sword- Y-YOUR G-G-GONNA PAY!!
TripleTigar: Oh Shit.....-Runs-
Dud3_56:-Runs After Tigar- GET F---+ING BACK HERE!!

(THE END....)
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by UnitedBluβ„’ Lensko July 21, 2016
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