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Wucked adj. F***ing Wicked. Normally presented in all capitals WUCKED!!!
by Jesus' favourite cousin January 10, 2009
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"Wuck" refers to an individual who constantly and seriously fucks everything up. This person may even mean well, but no matter what, will end up fucking everything up. "Wuck" can also be used as a verb in the form "wucked".
John was trying to fix the hole in the wall, but made it worse. He really wucked up this time.
by Wang C. April 1, 2014
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Essentialy wex where the weenus and wagina touch each other
Dude: Stop wucking yourself
Chick: im only touching my weenus and wagina together
by alexuzzo December 20, 2008
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The twisted bit of paper at the top of a joint to keep the goods inside from leaking out.

Rather like a candle has a wick, so a good joint has a wuck.
Make sure you put a good wuck on that joint - the last time you didn't and the weed all spilled out in my pocket.
by Andrew - Johannesburg November 28, 2010
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when your "wenus" and "wagina" have intercourse. See the definitions for "wenus" and "wagina" for further clarification.
"Watch out! Your wenus almost wucked me!"
by k-miester May 17, 2006
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This actually is my name. I searched for it using the 'Look up' bar, and found that Will M already thouroughly described what most people mistake me for.
I use this name for gaming, as naming yourself after Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Trilogy or after some missile hanging underneath expensive jetfighters in the USA doesn't really make sense to me.

My name's origin is Czechia, where it'd be written as WüZck. I believe it's simply been abbreviated to Wuck just like it happened in The Godfather 1.

I would not want to describe it as a typo, since my W key is three positions away from my F key. Who invented it, anyway?
wuck you
whut the wuck

Just name it ... I'll let you know wether I've already heard that one. Probably, I have.
by wuck May 24, 2004
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A typo of the original word 'fuck' however is currently being used by some pathetic soul in some other persons basement. Basically used for humor porpuses, it may keep some of us amused for about 5 minutes before we get bored and move onto something else... like fruit salad. Other than that, you really shouldn't give a wuck.
"Wuck you man, wuck you"
"That Dan guy's a wucker"
"What the wuck?!"
by Will M May 18, 2004
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