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This actually is my name. I searched for it using the 'Look up' bar, and found that Will M already thouroughly described what most people mistake me for.
I use this name for gaming, as naming yourself after Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Trilogy or after some missile hanging underneath expensive jetfighters in the USA doesn't really make sense to me.

My name's origin is Czechia, where it'd be written as WüZck. I believe it's simply been abbreviated to Wuck just like it happened in The Godfather 1.

I would not want to describe it as a typo, since my W key is three positions away from my F key. Who invented it, anyway?
wuck you
whut the wuck

Just name it ... I'll let you know wether I've already heard that one. Probably, I have.
by wuck May 24, 2004
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"Punkbuster Online Countermeasures"

Anti-Cheat software from Even Balance that should prevent people from cheating in the games it is integrated with. Possible source of nuisance because of no backward compatibility, and many updates every once in a while.

See wallhack
When you go play Quake3, and you just started getting on fire, and suddenly you're "forced to spectator mode until PB version updates", you know what time it is.
by wuck May 24, 2004
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Form of laughter used by Quake3 playing Germans. Oftenly enlenghthened to 'hrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr'.
Ever heard a German laugh that way? Do you know what it takes of your vocal chords?
by wuck May 26, 2004
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Originally the name of ID software's first FPS hit that was playable over the internet, now it means 'current version of Quake I'm playing'. Hence oftenly confused with the latest available game in the Quake quadrupology: Quake III : Arena.

With no actual single player, this game is totally focused on (Internet) multiplayer.
Extremely fast-paced, mind-sharpening gameplay, with countless mods available today, making it not only brainless scorewhoring, but some real teamplay mods like CTF and urban terror are available.

With this game, everybody hates noobs, yet everybody is a noob, since you can be called after it for anything that someone else really didn't expect you to do so.
It's an addictive game, people play it for hours straight, all though the night, and after some sleep they will be back online the next morning.

The more people play, the more things they expect from the others, usually resulting in saying stfu noob to them. Many quakers think they're the best, hence everybody who frags them has to be called cheater, lamer, noob, or gets remarks like 'pffffffffffffffffffffffffff' and 'yeah right'. Those appear mostly on the mods which require (hence feature) the most skill, such as Clan Arena and OSP CTF.
People mostly don't say a word when playing the Excessive mod.

Some abbreviation is featured in the Quake3 slang, such as gl, hf, brb, wp, cya, et cetera.
This slang is often echoed back to you by (mostly) people who haven't been around very long. They produce very colourful messages (since it's possible to produce colour text with ^1 ^2 - ^e ^f) and with these messages they try to tell you what they though about their latest frag.

---===== WhAT Da FuCk 000--==---
::::::: Oh My GoD! :::::::
<<<<<<<<< I ON DEFENSE >>>>>>>>>>

btw: These people tend to have very colourful names, too.
cheater *disconnects*
You see, you're not better than me.
bl nf bp
yeah, right
by wuck May 24, 2004
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