A dance originating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, preferably, North Philly, by a group of people. The Wu-Tang is a dance for people who actually know how to dance, requiring gyration of hips, and taunting of the opponent.

Be careful when you do the Wu-Tang, because crowds can possibly form around you, and if you do certain moves, you can possibly injure a person.

In my opinion, it's basically battling (breakdancing, etc...) taken to the next level. But it's starting to get on my fuckin nerves, especially when people in their late 20s and 30s all the way up to 50s, know how to Wu-Tang.

The dance has become very popular in the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware), but I don't know if it's spread any farther.
I can't describe the dance, so go to youtube.com and, in the search engine, put in Wu-Tang dance, and there's some videos to show you what the Wu-Tang is (watch a few of them, cuz everybody can't really do the Wu-Tang)
by JB2007 July 9, 2006
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To swallow the roach of a joint instead of roach clipping or putting it in a bowl. Name comes from the fact that Wu-Tang Clan would do this whenever they had one. Theyd take a drag, swallow it and blow it in a police officers face.
"Is there enough left for a bowl?"
"No, BK Wu-Tang IT!!!"
by Light Powered July 14, 2008
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Wu-Tanging, a trick derived from the underground hip-hop/rap group known as the Wu-Tang Clan and their love of smoking marijuana, is a trick performed when smoking marijuana in joint form. The trick can be performed at any time while smoking the joint however is usually performed when the joint is close to the end. Wu-Tanging is when the current holder of the joint holds it between their lips and then swallows the rest of the joint while its burning, roach included. This trick is VERY difficult and takes a high tolerance of marijuana and is not completely safe as the cherry of the joint can burn any part of your mouth or throat as it goes down if you are experiencing cottonmouth. The effect is similar to when one stomachs a bong hit, in that the person will have smokey burps and feel very uneasy until the gas has passed.
Greg: Dude watch me Wu-Tang this shit
Kyle: I can't believe you're Wu-Tanging the rest of that joint!
by TheRealSequel July 30, 2015
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Inhaling and swallowed a lot roach of joint in order to get you more high

Founded by Gibby and Marbles
"So who's Wu Tanging this bad boy?"
by roachboy December 27, 2017
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The second best Tang in the world. Next to grape, I mean poon of course. Consists of the RZA, GZA, ODB, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, and Method Man. Also a large syndacyte consisting of Cappadonna and Killah Priest to name a few. Easily the best rap group with sharp lyricism named after the legendary Wu Tang sword of Chinese mythology. Most songs involve a kung-fu intro followed by great production and outstanding lyrics. All nine hail from Shaolin (Staten Island) and have produced 4 group albums in addition to MANY solo projects.
Wu Tang is still alive and still nothing to fuck wit'. Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game. Lyrcicism example: "What is the meaning of C.R.I.M.E?/ Is it Criminals Robbing Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime?"/~GZA
by El Barto April 27, 2004
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One of the best mutha fukn rap groups eva to exist. Influenced the entire Hip hop game with their first recorded album 36 chambers
Man u see the wu tang last night
by Wu B April 9, 2004
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1. a powerful mythical kung fu sword wielded by an invincible congregation of warriors

2. a very popular rap group with extremely explicit lyrics
1. a combination of shoalin shadowboxing and the wu-tang sword style could be lethal

2. wu-tang clan aint nothin to fuck with
by BATWINGS_07 August 14, 2006
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