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When a guy parties with coke or crystal meth and his dick shrivels up, esp if the dick is uncut wit a lot of foreskin overhang. Many dudes who party dont mind having it, and it feels good to get sucked liked that and show it off all wrinkled. The smaller you are the higher you know you are from the drugs. Perfect example would just be foreskin hanging with no dick because the dudes that high. The bottom boy usually will love to suck on it like that. Also called methclit and clitcock.
I put the glass pipe in my mouth and watch my wrinkle dick shrivel up even tinier.
by partycockboy February 07, 2011
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A Penis that's worn out from to much Sex or Masturbation or of a Old man
Me: Send me a Nude Pic of you
Him: Sends the Pic
Me: Boy ya Wrinkle Dick Ass
Him: I aint got no wrinkle dick

Me: Starts Laughing
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by MsOldsoul January 27, 2016
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