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A Fat, Balding Creature with no "Genuine" friends, originally from Leicester in the UK, regards Peter Stringfellow and Hugh Hefner as his role models. Enjoys Farmyard animals, in particular, Cocks. Has recently purchased a rare half Polish, half American Cock, from the Dopierala Family. Wrighty spoils his Cock frequently, spending small fortunes keeping him well fed and watered.
Look at that fat twat, he's just spent his wage hiring 2 female "Hens" for the Weekend, all the way from Latvia!
Still, i bet he can't wait to slap some more fake tan on his Bald Head and fall asleep in the arms of his favourite Cock, Dopierala Cuntos. What an ICON, a total WRIGHTY!.
by Leave Prague Now February 14, 2010
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To Pull A Wrighty:

'Wrighty' is a slang word that first developed around the year 2000 AD. It is believed the term is derived from the social behavour of a single man.
This individual would constantly 'forget' his wallet in times where money was due to change hands (for food, tobacco, alcohol and many other items). The individual would usually claim that he had
accidently picked up his national insurance card, or perhaps a Game reward card, instead of his switch card, and would then then proceed to 'pad down' his pockets, in an attempt to cover up the fact that the cash card was left at home on purpose. He would then have to borrow money from his friends, often claiming that he would "pay it back when we got back to the house". These loans were very rarely paid back, and the originator of the term would often go to extreme lengths in order to not pay back the smallest of debts.
If someone constantly forgets their wallet.
Never pays back a loan.
Is constantly asking to 'borrow a fag'.
Chances are this individual can be described as a 'wrighty', or is
likely to have pulled a 'wrighty'.
Man 1 - "Mate, get the drinks in, it's your turn"

Man 2 - "Oh no! I've left my wallet on my bedside table. I'm really sorry, would you mind paying for this round? I'll pay you back later"

Man 1 - "You better pay me back, don't even think about pulling a Wrighty"
by Dolbyboy March 20, 2007
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Chuckin' a wrighty.

A person who never replies to text messages or answers his phone even if they have their phone on them.

They will even go to the point of looking at the text message and just not replying.

This is due to a lack of both technological and social skills.
Boy: "Dude, I text you four times yesterday! Are you coming or what?"

Wrighty-doer: "Oh, sorry man. I got your text just didn't reply."

Boy: "I'm sick of you chuckin' a wrighty."
by bedeman May 08, 2011
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a sexy mo fo who lives at 35 torchros way ;) n hes mine hands off
phhwaarrr have u seen wrighty hes a sexy mo fo!
by amy July 13, 2004
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