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A word that an amazing girl made up and says all the time.
She would like people to look it up on Google and receive results.
It is a combination of WOW and AMAZING.
Sarah is wowmazing.

Her hair smells wowmazing.
by Wowmazingwillbeaword July 02, 2017
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To describe something so amazing that it reaches beyond the word itself.
wow-mazing did you see that I can't believe that just happened!!!!
by jonny whitestripe December 26, 2009
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wow + amaazing = wowmazing, i created this term
that was so badass, totally wowmazing
by sundayshadows January 15, 2009
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A portmanteau word coined from the merger of two words- "Wow" and "Amazing", which simply is an expression of surprise or shock sort of. "Wowamazed" therefore will be the verb, "Wow-mazingly" the adverb, and "Wowmazing", the adjective.
It was not only fascinating, but it was equally wowmazing (wow-mazing) to see the newly elected Nigerian APC Politicians renege on fulfilling their campaign promises as soon as they assumed office.
by Ms. Glorya (G.G) November 02, 2017
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When something or someone is both wow and amazing, and you can't decide between the two.
I have a wowmazing woman and 7 wonderful kids what more could I ask for.

Last night was wowmazing
by GypsySoul August 27, 2019
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