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A word meaning to not care profoundly about anything, and just having a hell of a time not caring what anyone says or thinks of you. Also the song that won Kes $2,000,000 in the 2011 Soca Monarch competition.
Right now ah jus wotless, and I don't really careless, my girlfriend she go get vex, my family go send text.
by SocaMonsta March 05, 2011
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To perform an act of sheer stupidity to entertain and enlighten one's inner self, or that of a voyeur to the act.
Pouring a bottle of carlsberg over your head, when nobody is consciously watching you, purely for your own entertainment is truly wotless.

10 lads launching themselves off a stage and into a wall at speeds in excess of 8 mph, landing in a heap on the floor, to their own delight is also truly wotless.
by The Bailiff and Bushtucker November 26, 2005
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