A femal who has decided to engage in intercourse with so many people in a 3 mile radius that she is now rendered useless due to her extreme sluty activity.
Frank: What's up Jimmy? You know, your wife is such a worthless slut.

Jimmy: Hahaha. Old news, cock vomit.
by Balls B. Hanging November 30, 2018
A person who is only good for laying on their back. They think getting a train ran on them is cute. They live for spring break and pcb even though they aren’t in college. May have a bunch of videos of them having sex with guys.
Kayla Ingram is a worthless slut. Did you see her on spring break blowing all those guys?
by Truth facts April 18, 2022
A cock worshipping submissive whore who happily serves her boyfriend/husband in all ways she can imagine. To please and pleasure him, cook, do laundry, serve, wipe his cum, swallow, kneel before him, use the right language to address her daddy always and be a happy loyal cumdump.

Usually not as beautiful and is dirty mostly, but good in sex.

She doesn't have very good understanding of other things other than getting fucked and impregnated.

She takes pride in just having some buttocks and titties, an anus, a throat and a dirty used cunt.
She's a happy whore.
Duuuude! Mom must have been daddy's worthless slut. She loves him to the moon and back!
by Tatraz June 27, 2018