a group of kids that are attractive have creepy fangirls have a 4 or 5 digit number of followers that they've gained from constantly posting pictures of themselves or half naked photos of them or from being sarcastic, rarely because they have a good blog
They normally only follow under 100 people and have a constantly spammed ask box and only answer about 2% of questions that they're asked, they all talk to each other and are friends and go to tumblr meet ups together
their blog will always have a face page where they will post 100000 pictures of them taken with high quality cameras all with lots of notes, they can make a post about eating or something irrelevant and it will get 100 notes, they usually tend to come out as gay or bisexual after a while of having tumblr and have unusual or multicoloured hair, piercings, like shopping in topshop or having weird clothes and jumpers, wear creepers and care about their hair more than anything
they all have facebook even though they complain about how much they hate it
they all recieve anon hate which they answer sarcastically
and their ask answers are always printscreened and reblogged all the time
tumblr famous person: I'm so original and different because i have pink hair and a lot of piercings and i wear jumpers and creepers, my followers love me, but i only have 11,000 i hardly have any
by tumblrrrrr November 12, 2011
A group of tumblr users who have 1,000+ followers and stop following back.

However, "tumblr famous" is used lightly because someone with 1,000 followers or more may not be significant at all.

To truly be tumblr famous you should have around a 5 digit follower number.

Most people achieve this goal by posting tons of selfies, being extremely rude or sarcastic, or constantly promoting themselves.

They make irrelevant posts that get thousands of notes.

Many are stuck up and complain about not having enough followers, and pretend to not be tumblr famous.

There are a few tumblr famous people who are nice, reply to messages, and might follow back (ex. alerting, ti-ed, p0sies, yikes, etc..)
me: shes so tumblr famous ugh
friend: get over it its just the internet
by tumblrrr November 11, 2012
Tumblr Famous is a person who reaches 1,000 and stops following back. He or she also denies there famous even when random followers find you at the mall.
ME: Dude your Tumblr Famous.
You: No Im not
by iloveyourmominbedonmybirthday September 16, 2010
A tumblr user with 1k-10k or more followers. Most tumblr famous users are stuck up or overly sarcastic, they think that because several thousand people follow them that they are worth something. They often only talk to a few other tumblr users.
David: did you see the post tumblr famous user katara made? It was hilarious.

Paul: yeah, did you see the post tumblr user cactusorgy made? I laughed so hard I almost peed myself
by thehurt August 15, 2014
A blog that has 1,000+ followers,
some are famous fandom blogs (cacklecas)
others are funny blogs (pizza)
and then there are just the ones that post tons of selfies
also celebrity blogs (fishingboatproceeds)
Wow cacklecas has a ton of followers they must be tumblr famous.
by a casual blogger November 5, 2013
They are people who have lots of followers on tumblr

There are two types of tumblr famous people;

Nice Tumblr famous people (E.g. billie-j0e , feekey etc...) Who talk to their followers and occasionally follow back
And cock-sucking twats like scotzzz etc...
by Anwenl October 17, 2011
A term invented by some dumbass who found the proper way to describe the people well-known throughout Tumblr was to group them together by a definition that does not even exist.

The dumbass who invented this term was most likely someone who bitches about not having enough followers, and to make him/her-self feel better about their lack of acknowledgment, labels everyone who falls under his/her description of "Tumblr famous" as an attention-seeking whore who has gained their fame through their looks.

That idiot, most likely drew this assumption without reading their posts and making an attempt to discover why they have such a large amount of followers.
I honestly don’t know why most of the Tumblr famous people are famous at all. They post stupid shit and add “like a boss” to the end of everything and still get hella notes. I hate how someone not Tumblr famous can post something that actually makes sense and get half the amount of notes. Looks are all some people care about on this site.
by Pissedtumblrer August 17, 2010