When you work night shifts and your brain stops working. You may appear intoxicated and have difficulty driving home.
I probably shouldn't text my Tinder date right now, I'm a little bit work drunk...
by djn-rock March 14, 2016
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Doing too many tasks at once (at work) or in very close succession making one experience dizziness, tunnel vision, self murmuring, red-eyes, involuntary tearing of the eyes, and head-aches.
Causes of 'Work Drunk' includes but not limited to:
Pulling data
Running Data
Creating charts
Creating Weekly Reports
Tedious, repetitive, office work
by Howedo June 2, 2011
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When you have so much work that you say stupid things to people, primarily on facebook.
Bro1: Hey bro, tell me a story.

Bro2: A story. wtf, why?

Bro1: shit, idk dude. I think i'm getting work drunk; I just have soo much to do.
by gotjen July 27, 2011
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being intoxicated whilst one wears a shirt featuring their employer's logo.
Travis forgot his overnight bag at home. Looks like he's gettin' work shirt drunk!
by Travisncs January 21, 2012
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