Ok. Let me think of one. It might be a sad one though. Just warning you.

A guy and a girl sit in the same class, but far away from each other. The girl looks at the guy once in a while because she still feels an emotional attachment for him. She doesn't know if the guy has any feelings for her anymore but still hopes they could be together. The guy has told the girl his reason for breaking up, but the girl is dissatisfied with his answer. So she created a new identity. An identity that would get the truth out of the guy. This new identity would follow the guys youtube channel. I will continue this story in "tell me a story 2".
"Tell me a story, sis" said the girl on the top bunk, staring down at her sister who just wants to go to bed. ):
by Jaydenality2 September 3, 2021
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Part 2

The identity talked to the the guy through live streams and asked him questions. Eventually it asked the right question and got the same answer the girl got, only slightly different. The girl thinks she understands now but is still skeptical. She wondered if the guy broke up with her for other reasons. Was she not pretty enough? Did she act too weird around him? Did she do something wrong? She could recall many times that she has acted weird, or didn’t look her best, and did things a good person wouldn’t do. She was very obnoxious at times, and she once admitted she liked them too when someone told her they did. Of course the guy found out about it. So the girl believes that was the reason the guy lost interest, and broke up with her. She misses him so much and knows she's done him wrong, but does not know if he feels the same. But we will never know their future. Until it happens.
I told you it would be sad. I'm sorry. here's a tissue. This is a true story that I've experienced. And I regret lying to everyone about me having split personality disorder. And I regret the choices I've made in the past. Hopefully my friends will forgive me one day.
tell me a story 2
The big sister said she's too tired and that she'd tell her one tomorrow. The girl on the top bunk said "but you told me you'd tell me a story yesterday. this is unfair. >:"
by Jaydenality2 September 3, 2021
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