(1). A unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.

(2). A slang term to describe verbal conflict or serious discussion.
Speed (Movie 1994)

Cop: L.A.P.D, get out of the car

Black guy: It's my car, I own this car, It's NOT stolen

Cop: It is now, move over

Black guy: FUCK!!, man you scratch this puppy, me and you are going to have words, you understand?
by PierceThePoet January 25, 2012
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A clump of letters that could make or break somebody, based on how they are used.
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Something you say when you cant think of the exact phrasing on something, or just cant get the words out.
its like trying to say "whacky flailing inflateable arm flailing tube-man" and fucking up so you just say "whacky adkouy... WORDS!!!"
by Zombie522 October 15, 2008
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It's like "word"... but plural.
Tim: That show was dope, yo.
Cory: Words.
by Luth [AC] February 17, 2009
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"Just a bunch of random letters to make something people use"
Words are just messed up things people say
by Larraayy!! February 27, 2017
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Beautiful things that most people on the internet have no chance of understanding.

(The word "words" as it is required.)
by bgfzcbfcfebvbvfh June 9, 2013
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A pluralized version of "Word up" but only one word... And can also be used as a "Relly?" or "Serious?!" like word.

Words yo...
"Hey man, I got some action last night"
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
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