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translates to "Booyah" in Kid-Squid
*gets a splat*
by TheMainQuarter October 18, 2015
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1.)A term used within the Splatoon Community to express achivement.

2.) The female type of Inkling from Splatoon.
1.) We actually won? Woomy!
2.) There are two genders, one of which is Woomy.
by ToastieSplat August 10, 2017
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
Scientists say it's the last thing you hear before you die
Jacob Pauline: "I hear sounds l-like.....w-woomy..."
Jacob's Mother: "NO SON DON'T DIE YET"
*Jacob's family starts crying*
by xXxOOFxXx May 24, 2018
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1) a cute kid
2) a roomy
3) a little brother who you love and who mucks all of your friends.
1) awwee, look at that woomy
2) ya, my woomy is gone for the weekend
3) I love woomy
by woomster April 26, 2011
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