Wooism n. Proper () The actions or processes of; and the distinctive or characteristic traits of behavior, of the person formerly known as Chris, now known as "Woo".
Woo is the founder of Wooism.

He practices Wooism.

Wooism Dot Com.
by Woo September 28, 2004
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An irrational belief system based on 2 fundamental principles: The first is that Big Pharma is hiding the cures for all major diseases and the government is hiding technology, mostly alien, that could solve all energy problems.The second is that everything you read on the internet is true, unless it comes from an academic,government or scientific/medical organization website.
The wooism got too deep for me when she swore homeopathy and vitamins could could cure my multiple sclerosis.
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007
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Stuff thats come out of woo's mouth at some time or another, later repeated by someone else...
If you'd like to be loved like wooo is, you should use more wooisms!
by suger April 15, 2003
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reassuring comments in times of great strife.
by great_gambini June 16, 2003
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