with the exeption of about 1500 sq feet, this 1 sq mile town is one big shithole. although it is a place of memories, from drinking in your car on the way to the parties, to playing pool football/baseball and your neighbors house. we had an actual stickball field til some dickhead tore the fence down and then that went away. u can get weed from most of the pizza places in town, and if cool enough with the delivery boys theyll even bring it to you. there is 5 pizza places all within about 1 minute of each other, and 3 of them taste the exact same. it was home to the greatest softball game of all time played by the 2004 graduating class with the wood-ridge all stars destroying the moonachie/transfer mutants in a 7 game series. although wood-ridge isnt all that, it isnt nearly as shitty as moonachie which is the town underneath. theres alot of wannabe thugs that pretend to sell drugs and say there from hard places but everyone knows there not. oh and it was homeplace to the best lil emo punk bitch beating in the gym locker room of all time. well thats wood-ridge for you
i went down to moonachie and it smelt like shit so i went up to wood-ridge to get some pizza, beat down lil emo punks, and look at somebody that sold weed once and pretend to be pablo escobar. oh yeh and frankie muniz grew up here
by jon bon jovi214 October 14, 2006
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A town that is unheard of. It contains white people who think they're ghetto and emo. AKA: posers. Most of the kids in the high school are losers.
John: Where do you go?
Lauren: Wood- Ridge high school
John: Oh, so you're an emo whore?
Lauren: Yes, that's right. I can schedule you during my 20 minute lunch on Wednesday. That'll be $100.
by Wouldn't u like 2 know January 16, 2005
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1 Square Mile located in New Jersey. Filled w/ white prppy people. Then the poser emos. Then the poser ghettos. Then the real emo kids. About 5 of them. And then the real ghetto kids which none of them are directly from WoodRidge. Mos likely moved from Newark,Jersey City,Union City etc... Then the sluts that fuck in the bathroom and every 5 minute break we get from classes, nd then blaze up in thu bathrooms every dumbass class we have. I just moved from there. I would know best :- I have witnessed.
W1 - Yo, i slit my wrists cause im emo.
W2 - fuckin poser, yo.
W3 - dammit me nd W6789 only got 1 minute to fuck this time. Its been slowing down a bit. At least i got enough time to smoke 3 stoges. Ay, I'm having specials today. Blowjobs only for $35 and a full lunch fuck is $150 today. o0o and special discount on 69's. Only $15.
W1 - wow were all from Wood-Ridge. This sucks let me go pretend to slit my wrists
W2 - word yo. lemme blaze up.
by anonymous unknown March 20, 2006
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1 sq mile of shit. Filled with white people, a few smelly indians and some polskis. A really cool kid named Tash lives there.
U from Wood-Ridge. Tash the Indian lives there.
by Tash Cheema December 10, 2004
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Where I'm from. People from outside Bergen/Hudson/Passaic counties constantly confuse it with Woodbridge, which sucks because we're maybe 1/10th the size and none of our mayors have ascended to the title of "faggiest state governor in American history." Lots of little white emo kids, usually Italian, Irish, or Polish with parents who grew up in Hudson County or somewhere else nearby. Also originally home to Frankie Muniz and that pigeon lady, but I think she's supposed to move out by next year? Far from the ghetto, but farther from the rolling hills of suburbia in upper Bergen County. Solid middle and/or working class for the most part. The entire west side of the town is an industrial dump bordered by a nice little wooded area where you can go drinking but they're putting a goddamned strip mall with mini McMansions and a middle school in there now.
Wood-Ridge is a small town with a lot of old people and a lot of emo kids. Wesmont sucks though, Curtiss-Wright was a great place to go get drunk and do shit.
by someone18 September 9, 2006
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