The main sound you here when playing dubstep music
"Woob Wooob Woob....Woob Woob Woob... Woob Woob Woob....You got 2 know" -Flux Pavillion
by DJ C-Bass June 28, 2011
Another name for a person who is a jackass.

To make it an even deeper insult, you can say "wooby woob" or "wooby wooby woo."
Oh my god. Why did you take the last brownie?! You're such a Woob Devon!!!!
by bmac&gmoo July 6, 2013
To be maxin your relaxin! Some people Woob on the couch with their big screens, some people Woob on the side of a mountain, and others woob on the beach. It doesn't matter because you can Woob wherever you want
John: I'm so ready to Woob!
Billy: Yea! I plan on woobin' out on the couch to some college football all day today!
John: Got any room in that WoobHole for an extra Woober?
by WoobNation September 19, 2012
other word for vagina
Have you ever been to woob city i heard it is nice there.
by DaveBish July 9, 2011
A hair growing out of a female breast.
"Man that chick had a seriously nasty woob right by her nipple"
by TravisB January 17, 2006
The slight gut or belly a woman has below her belly and above her vagina, the beginnings of jelly rolls, fat or obesity and the first sign a woman is out of shape.

Sometimes woman with kids have this stretched out area which is the hardest place to lose fat.
1.) She'd have an awesome body if she lost the woob!
2.) After pregnancy she just couldn't loose the woob.
3.) That woob makes you look like your belly got it's own belly
by PIGME July 25, 2011
The complicated language of a certain lobster beast named Zoidberg
There's rotten fish involved? why didn't you say so? *scuttles away shouting 'woob woob woob woob woob woob woob woob woob woob woob'
by sirnogbert April 10, 2005