A type of breathing that makes you skinnier everytime it’s done. It was introduced to the world by the Lord and savior, Kim Petras.
Not only did Petras invent skinny breathing, she also invented clarity, wanting it all, poppin on in the hills, being up for 3 continuous days, phone numbers, blowing in all forms, and c-c-c-c-c-cuminnnnn. Truly iconic.
Kim: *breathes in skinny* “Woo-Ah”
The gays: “ugh so skinny sis, we stan!”

They have 5 members which are Nana, Wooyeon, Lucy, Sora & Minseo. They are under a new entertainment NV ENTERTAINMENT. They are also talented and have the visuals you’ve been looking for.
Everyone say to us Woo!ah!
by httpyoungtae March 7, 2021
Ah-woo-woo is an expletive that signals someone's being naughty.
Ah woo woo, Yo' fly is open and I can see your dingle dangle."

Signor Turd cf. "fly"
by Rusty Moore April 16, 2004