Fictional; a myth, a joke, a novelty. If girls played sports, they'd have to leave the kitchen.
Guy 1: hey dude guess what? the other night I needed a laugh so I watched some womens basketball and they found osama bin laden sitting in the stands!

Guy 2: wait hold on, they have womens basketball?! I thought womens sports were just a myth?

Guy 1: I know right? I bet some of them make a mean sandwhich, they can probably reach the top shelfs in the kitchen without a stool!
by NDG@therealAtown May 13, 2011
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OK, Now that the all the females are here... Go make me a sandwich and wash my dishes!
Karen: Can we watch the WNBA finals?

Boswell: Shut the fuck up Karen go make me a sandwich!!
( women sports )
by Fuck eh May 12, 2020
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Something that is commonly overlooked, by white heterosexual-males who think that they are always right and that nobody is actually interested in female sports. Women's Sports is far superior to men's sports but due to societies beliefs, aka living in the stone age; broadcast companies refuse to cover women sports, and any of the women's sports that are covered, are done so Inappropriately, and not professionally taken seriously.

The Future Is Female!
White Male Sports Host: Well It's been a very slow day for sports but something that did come up today was my son's basketball team designing their own uniforms, here's a look at that clip now.

Entire Female Audience: What about the Women's Sports, I want to see that!!!!!?

Sports broadcast producer: nah, nobodies interested in that, come on that's a joke!
by theFutureisFemale March 6, 2019
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